Welcome to AtomicMC!

AtomicMC a posted Jan 28, 18

Hi. Welcome to AtomicMC! We're a friendly OP prison server. We hope you have fun here!

Click here to go to the chat room! It's like the AtomicMC Discord but on this website.

To help out the server, please take the anonymous poll about the future of AtomicMC! (click here)

Staff applications are open! We are looking for builders and helpers. Both forms can be found in the Staff Application forum. Applying does not guarantee that you will be accepted! Good luck! I might contact you about your application on Discord. If you receive a friend request from emkirsh#3506 either accept it or join the AtomicMC Discord. Either one will let me DM you. To go to the forums, either click here, or click the "Forum" button in the menu bar.

Our current staff team (just me... for now)—

Owner --- emkirsh

Again, applying does not guarantee acceptance! I will have a more organized process for reviewing staff applications when the server releases. (it will probably be going over a bunch every month, but as of now idk what it will be)