AtomicMC — SMP Revisited

AtomicMC a posted Oct 11, 18

Hello. Welcome to AtomicMC! This server is a work in progress and is currently whitelist only. You will soon be able to apply for whitelist. Here's a quick rundown on the server:

  1. AtomicMC is an SMP server that cycles gamemodes. There will be different modpacks available and vanilla in the rotation, and will change on reset.
  2. Due to limited processing power, there will be a player limit, especially when modded.
  3. Please ignore the profile picture of the admin account. This server was originally intended to be a prison server. That's not the case anymore, and I'm working on getting a new logo.
  4. Join the Discord server for chat sync (basically Minechat), giveaways & more!
  5. There will eventually be an invite competition. Join the discord for more info.
  6. Please vote on AtomicMC's SMP settings here.
  7. This list will be updated in the future.
  8. Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


Once again, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Nothing is finalized, and the server is whitelist only.