Contact Us!

AtomicMC a posted Jun 2, 18

I'm here to help! (and to play minecraft)

If you need anything, you can open a support ticket and a staff member or I will try to get back to you ASAP! You can also send an email to

You can also join our Discord to the right.

You can also contact me directly via Discord. I'm emkirsh#3506. (you'll reach me fastest via Discord or Steam, but support tickets and an address are more professional.)

I try to be available to help people or just to talk whenever possible,

But I have school and can be very busy at times, especially in winter.

Good thing it's summer.

I do have a busy summer planned but will try to keep my phone on.

Steam is pretty much always running on my computer, so you can reach me there as well.

Also, I'm pretty good with computers, so if you need help with anything non-server related, feel free to DM me, but any non-server related support tickets will be deleted.

-emkirsh, Owner of AtomicMC